Roman Style Pizza Sauce

With Ciao Authentica Crushed Tomatoes, all you have to do is season, top, and bake; it's that easy to have amazing sauce!

  • Yield: Approx. 800g
  • Prep Time: 2 min



  1. Add salt (optional) to your can of Ciao Authentica Crushed Tomatoes.
  2. Place your sauce out of the can directly on top of your dough and bake! 

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About the Chef

Meet Chef Domenico "Mimmo" Tolomeo

Chef Domenico "Mimmo" Tolomeo

Domenico “Mimmo” Tolomeo is a first-generation Italian American who comes from a long line of master bread makers from Italy’s southern region. He joined the Orlando Foods team as our Corporate Chef in July 2022, and is currently the co-owner of Taglio Pizza in Mineola, NY. Mimmo trained under Award Winning Master Pizzaioli Roberto Caporuscio and Giorgia Caporuscio, under whose guidance he received his certification from the Associazione Pizzaiouli Napoletani, the governing body of pizza makers in Italy. His accomplishments include being part of the World Pizza Champions, being the recipient of the 2019 Caputo Rising Star Pizzaiolo at the Infamous Caputo Cup, and being the Capo Pizzaiolo at the world-renowned Keste Pizza e Vino.