Rich, Fertile Soil

Our tomatoes are grown in rich, fertile soil that’s been “kissed” by the eruptions of Mount Vesuvius. It makes for delicious tomatoes that have become known as “the fruit of the sun.

Bursting with Antioxidants

The sun increases the concentration of lycopene, a powerful antioxidant naturally found in tomatoes.

Farm Fresh

Our canning facility is just 90 minutes from our tomato growing areas, which means we can pick and can tomatoes within hours.


The first selection takes place in the field using mechanical and manual harvesting methods. Red, mature tomatoes are immediately separated from green, unripe ones.


Upon harvesting, the tomatoes are transported via trucks to the factory. Trucks are weighed upon arrival and their journey from farm to factory is recorded. This ensures we can trace every can we produce back to the farm.


A sampling of tomatoes is taken from every truck to identify any potential defects or deformities. A chemical test is performed to determine the overall maturity and quality of the fruit. Shipments that pass these tests are then accepted for processing.

The First Washing

This step removes dirt, stems, and other debris from the tomatoes themselves.

Quality Check

Yellow and green tomatoes are removed, ensuring that only the ripest tomatoes remain. Tomatoes that are broken or two small are also removed during this stage.

A Final Washing

Tomatoes are washed one last time for quality and freshness.


The tomatoes are scalded with heat and then enter a vacuum chamber. This removes the skin from the tomato. A series of rollers ensure that any remaining skin is separated.

Final Quality Check

A RAYTEC machine photographs the tomatoes and discards any fruits with defects.

Manual Sorting

Our amazing, trained staff sorts the tomatoes by hand, ensuring that every can is full of the best tomatoes available.


The sorted tomatoes are mixed with puree in cans, which is then pasteurized and concentrated. The cans are then filled, sealed, and sterilized. They’re ready to be shipped off!

Fun Facts

The length of the Italian tomato harvest between August and September.

The maximum amount of time it takes for our tomatoes to be picked and canned.

In Southern Italy, tomatoes are collected and transported in boxes with a maximum capacity of 250kg each to ensure the integrity of the fruit is preserved

We continuously monitor the pH, color, density, bostwick, and peel residue. Each lot produced is quarantined for a specific period to undergo additional examination and only then are our tomatoes considered ready for shipment around the world.