Technical Tests of Perfection

Technical Tests of Perfection

How can we be sure we are not disappointing the expectations of our craftsmen regarding the unique goodness of the tomatoes of Vesuvius? By way of a series of checks carried out throughout our entire production process and followed by random samplings all year round. Let’s discover together the high quality standards of Ciao! 

The Italian tomato, and in particular the Italian tomato from Southern Italy, is a unique product in the world that must be protected from Italian-sounding imitations (foreign products marketed overseas with names very similar to Italian ones that are specifically chosen to confuse consumers, but are not at all Italian - ie. San Marzano Style Tomatoes). 

We actively participate in the defense of Neapolitan values and culture by continuously checking the quality of our products before, during and even after the production process. We check the raw materials, crops, standards of color, shape and compactness of the processed tomatoes. Learn more about our quality assurance here.

Once production is complete, the end product enters quarantine before being sold while we verify all of the steps of our work with a spot-check for each production stage in our laboratory.  

Every 45 days by random selection, lots are opened and analyzed to verify the end products conformity to our quality standards.   

We check:  

  • The PH 
  • The tomato’s sugar degree 
  • The color 
  • The presence of skin 
  • The density of preserves 
  • The presence of mold  

All these checks ensure the undisputed quality of a market-leading product in 91 countries. That’s why ‘Ciao’ is not just a word known everywhere, but a true synonym with quality in all languages of the world! 

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